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I am attorney Cornelius Bostick, and I have been practicing law in the greater Memphis metropolitan area for 20 years. During my time as a lawyer, I have helped individuals and families who were struggling to resolve their legal problems by providing caring, effective legal advocacy when they were at their most vulnerable.

I care deeply about the well-being of my community in Tennessee. I work hard to protect your rights and will fight for the best interests of all involved when you are facing myriad divorce issues or child custody concerns. I will defend your freedom when your legal problems include facing a DUI charge or charges for misdemeanors or felonies.

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Cornelius Bostick

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No matter what your case involves, I will personally work to ensure you understand the full scope of the law and legal system as they apply to your case. I understand the importance of remaining in contact with you to answer your questions that come up throughout the process. I can provide the experienced legal representation you need for cases involving family law matters and criminal defense issues, including:

I will help you resolve your legal problem with a strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

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Call me at the Law Office of Cornelius Bostick in Memphis at 901-441-9959 for a free consultation. I have a track record of moving cases successfully forward so my clients can achieve their objectives at a reasonable rate. You may also contact me by completing my online form.